Friday, April 6, 2012

Look what I won! Thank you to my wonderful friend Sharon Callis To be nominated by you for this award is extra special. 

Sharon is a wonderful and talented crafter who I have the utmost respect for. He creations are outstanding. 

To pay it forward, I would like to nominate the following fellow crafters:

1. Melissa Pinter at Not only has she progressed by leaps and bounds, she is always looking for new and different things to create.

2. Kat Shriber at Kat is just wonderful and her creations are just as wonderful.

3.  Teresa Kaufhold  over at A true DT sister in all aspects. I love seeing all her wonderful creativity.

4. Jennifer Cassingham Lorist  over at  at another DT sister who is super sweet and extremely crafty.

5.  Jen L  aka Crafty Jen over at . A wonderful fellow crafter who is very talented, kindhearted and sweet.

Ok so there are my nominations, now for the part I have been dreading where I have to tell you seven facts about myself.

1. I have four fabulous children, one granddaughter and another one on the way.
2. Just got back from a Wonderful trip to disney world.
3. I love crafting and learning new techniques.
4. I have been married for 28 years!
5. I have a chihuahua named Dexter.
6. I love Coca Cola!
7. My family means the world to me. :)

Thank you Sharon for thinking of me!  You are such a sweet lady!

Sharon is also giving away some awesome blog candy on her blog. So please check her out!

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Jen L said...

Thanks for your kind words and thought.

Crafty Jen L

TeresaK said...

Awwwww, Sue Ann, thank you so much! What a sweetie! to "play it forward!"

Homespun Elegance said...

Oh Yeah!!! So deserving! As are your recipients my Dear!!