Saturday, June 11, 2011

A crafty day today

Had a very successful craft day today. Yesterday I came home from work to find my prizes arrived from Cricut Craft Room and what can I say but WOW!

Erica is so generous. If you are not following her, you are truly missing out, not only on prizes but lots of tips, tricks and craft talk!  They are the best group of ladies on this site.

So today, I decided to get up, get my cleaning done earlier..ok by 1:00 anyhow :), and down to the craft room I went. My goal was to work on cards for  Sunshine and Smiles project for the kids at St. Judes.  I had the best time. I was able to make 12 cards. That was a real accomplishment for me!  I am still a beginner and take a while to get my ideas and everything in order. Not to mention I change my mind 10 times because it just does not look right to me.  But I am learning.

So here are some quick pictures of the cards. Don't mind the mess...what crafter does not have everything out when scrapping! LOL... And I have very limited space, so I use the floor and any empty space I can find.


Hopefully I can get a few more done tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for looking and have a very crafty day!

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Janeen said...

Your cards are so cute, great job! The kids are going to love them! :)